Welcome to the Cattaraugus County Dog Licensing Development Page

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The Cattaraugus County Dog Licensing System was developed in response to the phase-out of the the NYS Ag. & Mkt. online dog licensing system. In late 2010, this system was developed as a way to provide assistance to municipalities in licensing dogs and as a way for the county health department to better organize its rabies vaccination information.

The development page is used to 'test' functionality and insure that it is working properly before moving code to the 'production' site. It can also be used to allow potential users a chance to see what the application does before deciding on whether to use it. If you have any questions feel free to contact the following:

Chris Crawford - CCHD Water Resources Specialist

Jeremy Knab - Cattaraugus County Web Technician

Paul Frey - Cattaraugus County GIS Coordinator