About Cattaraugus County

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Cattaraugus County in New York State is a municipal corporation with a population of approximately 80,000.

We like to call ourselves the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York State.

Governing Body

The Cattaraugus County Legislature is the governing body of Cattaraugus County. It consists of 17 members elected from 8 legislative districts for four-year terms. Learn more about Cattaraugus County Government.




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Some facts about Cattaraugus County

Founded: 1808

Size: square miles of land, square miles of water

Incorporated Cities: 2 (Olean and Salamanca)

Towns: 32

Villages: x

Elevation: x to q

Population: y

Number of Housing Units: z

Unemployment Rate: % (Mon YYYY)

Per Capita Income: x

Median Household Income: $

Median Home Value: $ in Mon YYYY

Assessed Value of Property: $ in 2017

Taxable Sales: $ in YYYY

Ag Production: $ in YYYY





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